Started in 2009 as a method of reducing Thermal Desktop simulation runtimes, Veritrek has evolved into a fast, collaborative engineering analysis suite.

Why Veritrek?

  • Veritrek reduces thermal modeling costs

    • DOWNLOAD Use Case: Evaluation of the Mars Helicopter Thermal Design Uncertainties

  • Veritrek enables more optimized designs with advanced analysis capabilities

    • DOWNLOAD Use Case: Verification of the Mars Helicopter Thermal Design

  • Veritrek improves schedules through faster analysis

    • DOWNLOAD Use Case: Rapid reevaluation of a CubeSat thermal design

  • Veritrek’s intuitive user interface fosters collaboration

    • DOWNLOAD Use Case: Communication of combined thermal behavior

Built for Thermal Desktop

  • Relates input factors (e.g. power) to output responses (e.g. temperature)

  • Obtain thousands of simulation results in seconds

Complete software suite

  • Veritrek Creation Tool allows for automatic creation of ROMs from high fidelity Thermal Desktop models

  • Veritrek Exploration Tool allows for rapid thermal analysis using a ROM

ET and CT.png