Lunar Lander

Brian O’Connor of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center has successfully used Veritrek to perform sensitivity studies on a Lunar Lander Thermal Desktop® model

Specifically, Brian was able to look at the amount of heat going into a cryo tank, by creating a register to track the cryo tank’s heat load value. Brian was interested in how the tank’s insulation, struts, and orientation relative to the sun affected this heat load. Using Veritrek’s Surface Plot Analysis Feature, Brian was able to visualize how these parameters interacted with one another and he was able to easily determine the cryo tank’s heat load value and its sensitivity.

This has led to a better understanding of his complex thermal model. Brian was able to perform this sensitivity study in less than an hour using Veritrek, an effort that would have taken several hours using traditional thermal analysis and visualization techniques.

Lunar Lander - surface plot.png

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